The Historic Inns of Frome

by Mick Davis and Valerie Pitt

Frome is one of Somerset’s most historic towns, yet this is the first book devoted to its inns. Starting at the long-lost Albion Inn on Cheap Street and ending at the elusive Wyredrawers Arms on Portway, the authors tell the story of over a hundred inns, alehouses, taverns, hotels and beerhouses, creating nothing less than an alternative history of the town. Grand coaching inns played a major role in the social, political and economic life of Frome, while backstreet beerhouses and wayside taverns were central to the lives of generations of working people. For anyone interested in Frome, or in pubs, this fascinating book will be an indispensable and enjoyable guide to an unjustly neglected aspect of the town’s history.

Mick Davis was brought up in Plymouth before finding gainful employment as a solicitor’s clerk in London. He and his wife Lorraine began restoring old buildings in the Frome area before moving down permanently in 2006. Mick now divides his time between dabbling in property, Frome Museum and researching his next project, a book on the prehistoric barrows of the Frome area.

Valerie Pitt was born and raised in the New Forest. She studied Social Anthropology at Sussex University and has spent the last fifteen years living and working in Somerset. Her other publications include Bloody British History – Bristol.