Bath Pubs

by Kirsten Elliott & Andrew Swift

Taking the waters – that’s the reason visitors have flocked to Bath for centuries. Other books about Bath have focused on this abstemious activity. This book, however, offers a different history and a different tipple. Beer has a long and honourable tradition, and Bath’s pubs are just a much part of the city’s story as the Roman Baths and the Assembly Rooms. The tale the authors tell is one of high life and low life, where temperance campaigners rub shoulders with sozzled soldiers, and magistrates deal out punishment to hat-removing harlots. It’s a rumbustious, boozy tragi-comedy – it’s BATH PUBS.

“I have come across many histories of local pubs, but none as exhaustively documented and well presented as this.”
Ted Bruning, What’s Brewing

“Painstakingly researched, the book is a mine of historical detail . . . the pub passion of the authors shines through.”
Bob Jenkins, Bath Chronicle

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